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So, you've let yourself go.

Not in that way, but kind of in that way

After much negotiation within yourself, you've decided to accept the 2 lb (or so) that you’ve put on over the past few months. You figured, "While I am here, I might as well go all the way and embrace this body". You've decided to let yourself love your body out loud because you secretly have all along. You've just now realized that you’re the ‘big boss’, you’re the only one who really has a say.


You want to listen to your body, learn its cravings and desperate desires. Allowing it to enjoy food because it loooves food! Challenging it to do exercises that make it feel good. You want to let it explore and hone in on its personal style - treating it like the incredible gift that it is. Letting it be a reflection of your choices and experiences. Every scar and every trauma telling a tale of the places you have been, a record of where you’ve come from. Your skin, your accent, your mindset; a story book come to life. Understanding that your body loves you right back and it's on your side, it's willing to go as far as you are willing to take but it hopes that you choose the path that keeps you both in perfect harmony.


You admire the beauty that your body possesses and the incredible imagination of its creator. You wonder in awe about how and why God cooked you up and moulded you in this specific form. You think about how you obsess over your own creations and you can only imagine how proud God is of you, just for existing. A breathing masterpiece Ephesians 2 vs 10 , you realize that you are more than magic, you are the apple of the God's eye Zachariah 2 vs 8.

Multifaceted and complicated, you are a wondrous freak of nature that runs on air, sugar and electrical impulses. Born with the amazing ability to thrive on the abstract, you have been pre-programmed with immense Faith…

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11 vs 1


You are the oldest puzzle know to man, yet to be solved and never to be fully understood. You are ranked “ a little lower than the angles; crowned with glory and honour, everything is placed under your feet '' Hebrews 2:7-8, life and/or death proceed from the parting of your lips, Proverbs 18 vs 21 . There is way more to you that meets the eye, everything and everyone that has contributed to your story is only a brush stroke in the painting that is your existence.

Yet, James says you are just fleeting, a gentle mist in the grand scheme of the world that appears for a while and then vanishes, James 4 vs 14. You are a love child, a product of undying passion, you are the object of God’s imagination. What is more than magic? You, are simply an enigma. Your body, your beauty, your shell, doesn’t even come close to the half of it. You, my dear are royalty, A prince, A princess.

You, you are invaluable.

Let's just say, If I created you, I would be OBSESSED with you.


You feel gratitude and a level of love that disarms you, a love that was yours before you were even born. The love that knit you together in your mother’s womb and programmed your body to do things, Psalm 139: 13. A love that literally planted you like a flower in a fertile tree and waited for you to bloom. If only you could fully explain the wonderful inner workings of the human body to your readers.

But you remember, they didn't sign up for med school, you did….lol


So, you love you out loud right now, you're still nervous that this is puppy love, and your head could easily be turned, so you keep it on the low for now. You've decided to take things slow because it's only early days and you're keeping your cards close to your chest. However, you make your intentions known, you're not here for a seasonal fling, you're here to find true love...

Until Next Time.



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