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Who Are you?

"Hey guys,

I'm back. As attractive as it is, i'm going to refrain from inserting the seemingly obligatory "In these times". I've come to this weird space where I need to literally and figuratively let my all of hair down and breathe out. Exhale. The new name of this blog, courtesy of Omaina and Awele, brings a new layer of meaning to this whole thing. When you Exhale, your shoulders fall back, your intercostal muscles and diaphragm relax and your inter-pleural pressure goes to back to its resting state. Resting state, thats were we want to be, a place when we are nothing more than who we are, where we take off any and all of the personas that society calls for, we just are. In this state, we don't care what anyone thinks, we have no shame, no pride, no fear, no pressure. It's just you and your maker.

Now that we have established energy of this space, it's up to you to decide what yours is going to look like, welcome to mine. Today we're going to kick up our feet and have a conversation about dating. At least, what that looks like from the perspective of me, a 22 year old not - ready - for - marriage - but - tired - of - being - single me. In 2019, when I added "find a man" to my list of new years resolutions I had no clue this year would be what it was, no one did. That quickly moved to the bottom of my list when 2020 hit. However, there is nothing like a good ol' isolation to wake that up. This time, I decided to take an active role and put myself out there as they say. Let's just say i'm about ready to take myself back inside and lock the door lol. Although, not entirely for the reasons you would expect. "

This little excerpt was written just a few months ago before my birthday, its been sitting in my drafts for some time now and I couldn't help but share it. I find it so amazing how things change because I am currently in an entirely different head space, my perspective has chaaaanged. The overall point of this post was about how much more grace I learned have for others after finding out my own flaws. It taught me quickly that, I am dynamic and i'm going ignorantly assume we all are.. At that point, I thought I was so important to find the right person with the right qualities. I thought they had to give me something to work with. Now, I see that who I am at my core is what really matters. It set me on this journey of figuring out, who the heck I was, knowing that fully well that no one could bring anything out of me that wasn't already there I chose to INTROSPECT.

I believe the process of self discovery is a continuous one, it may or may not ever end. Whichever way, it's no longer about finding the One. For me it about being the One.

Who are you?



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