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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Hey Loves,

I hope each and everyone of you is doing absolutely amazing, and that you are living you bestsest lives.I hope that you are finding joy and fulfillment in whatever it is that you are doing right now. I pray that you are waking up happier every morning and spending your days around people who truly love and care for you. I pray that all of your lives are filled with love for yourselves. I pray you never forget that you are more than enough and the world revolves around you. I pray that you are reaching all of you goals and setting new ones. I pray that you are letting yourselves have the nicest things and treating yourselves like royalty.

Furthermore , I pray that you are thriving and finding the wisdom to navigate the gray areas in you life. I pray you find peace and clarity admist confusion and chaos. I pray that you never forget that you are not alone.I pray that your confidence grows each day and you continue to believe in yourselves. I pray that you are the head and not the tail, the first and not the last. I pray that you are not comparing yourselves to anyone else but being the best that you can be. I pray that you know you are very important and your opinions matter. I pray that you discover your purpose.

I pray that you find what you're looking for and that things get much easier for you. I pray that your dark times go by quickly and the good ones last forever. I pray you are lifted up when down and even higher when you're up. I pray that you are seizing every moment and living in the present. I pray that you are letting the past be the past and tomorrow worry about itself. I pray that you Breathe, it is going to be just fine.

You must know that I love you, God loves you more.

Most of all I pray that you pray!

Sending you all the warmest hugs because those make me so happy.

Until next time my Lovelies.


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